I’m back!

It has been TOO long!!! I have been extended hiatus and want to start blogging RIGHT AWAY!!! My Summer was pretty fun! I went to a Summer camp and visited some of my family. And of course, I went to I.E.C.C.! I.E.C.C. is an invertebrate conference in Tucson, Arizona, which is filled with meetings, workshops, and field trips! I will give daily videos when I go back next year. Also, Tarantula Tuesdays will come back! I will also post another series of videos every one to two weeks called Feeding Frenzies! Make sure to look out for those videos, because I will post them randomly. And I will try to do monthly contests! Make sure to contact me if you have any questions or want to get in touch with me! I have a Facebook as well, so you can contact me there to! On Facebook I am spidergirl319. I might get Instagram or Youtube (many people have asked me to).

Anyways, I am terribly sorry for taking a long break!


Freddie and the Crawly Crew

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