Tarantula Thursday – My Roach Colony

Today I am showing my Madagascar Hissing Cockroach colony. I named some Willy and Kate. I also named some Helen and Madeline. There is one bigger then all the other roaches! Her name is Lil’. [aka the alpha roach] Put down in the comments below why you think I named them this. Don’t forget to fill out my survey if you have arachnophobia!


3 thoughts on “Tarantula Thursday – My Roach Colony”

  1. Do roaches express different emotions besides hissing or not hissing? Do they form any kind of emotional attachment to you, like a dog or catch would? Do your roaches scatter and hide when you turn on the light? How do you feel about Men In Black?


    1. They do not express through different actions besides hissing. They do not necessarily have any attachments to me. They do scatter with light and like to be under their log. I like Men In Black and the idea that bugs should be treated with respect. I will answer more questions when I have Fun Fact Friday next week!<3 Freddie


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