The Christmas Spider

Tomorrow at 3PM (Pacific time) will be my Christmas Spider live stream on Facebook! My Facebook is @spidergirl319. Learn about the tale behind silver on Christmas trees with me and Rosie!

Pacific time: 3PM

Mountain time: 4PM

Central time: 5PM

Eastern time: 6PM

Don’t forget! Happy holidays from Freddie and the Crawly Crew!

Questions for Tarantula Tues./Thurs.

I apologize for not posting. I need more ideas for weekly content!

Comment below any questions you have about tarantulas or true spiders. You could also comment types of content you would like me to do. Right now I hope to do weekly educational videos, but there is so much more I could do! What type of content do you think will engage my audience? Comment here or on my Facebook! (@spidergirl319)


Freddie and the Crawly Crew ❤️🕷️

Photo Contest!!!

My October photo contest is starting tomorrow! Here is how you can enter:

Take a picture with a misunderstood animal. (ANYTHING that some people would consider ugly. But remember, YOU must take it! It has to be YOUR photo!)

Add a Halloween filter to your photo! (You don’t HAVE to, but it would be nice!)

Post it on my Facebook or send it to me through my email!

I will post the winner on October 31st! Have fun!!! If you have any questions about the contest, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I’m back!

It has been TOO long!!! I have been extended hiatus and want to start blogging RIGHT AWAY!!! My Summer was pretty fun! I went to a Summer camp and visited some of my family. And of course, I went to I.E.C.C.! I.E.C.C. is an invertebrate conference in Tucson, Arizona, which is filled with meetings, workshops, and field trips! I will give daily videos when I go back next year. Also, Tarantula Tuesdays will come back! I will also post another series of videos every one to two weeks called Feeding Frenzies! Make sure to look out for those videos, because I will post them randomly. And I will try to do monthly contests! Make sure to contact me if you have any questions or want to get in touch with me! I have a Facebook as well, so you can contact me there to! On Facebook I am spidergirl319. I might get Instagram or Youtube (many people have asked me to).

Anyways, I am terribly sorry for taking a long break!


Freddie and the Crawly Crew

Tarantula Thursday

I went to my 4th grade classroom to present my adorable and misunderstood collection. Lots of kids made crawly friends, even the teacher!!! My photo contest is coming up! Watch my video to find out the rules! [And the prize!] Enjoy!!!

My apologies for the sound and video quality as my usual laptop is in need of repair.

Tarantula Tuesday

On Saturday I went to Santa Barbara Blueberries annual Wild Tarantula Trails. We got to do a lot of cool stuff there including a two hour tarantula search. The pictures below are an Ebony Tarantula we found during the search, very similar to the one my mom held two months ago, and the special guest near the trail, Smokey Bear, with me and my brother. Sorry if they’re blurry. Let’s consider this Tarantula Tuesday a package. I hope you enjoy a review about a product I bought, a summary about an event I attended, and a reminder about an upcoming contest!





Tarantula Tuesday – I’m Back

Sorry I have not done Tarantula Tuesday in a while. Today’s post is celebrating mating season in the west coast. If you live in the west coast go out tarantula hunting. You should be able to find a male or two! I am starting a photo contest. Show photos of spiders and/or tarantulas YOU took on my site and you might be a lucky winner of a shout out! I will also post the winning photo. Enjoy this week’s


Extreme Makeover – Tarantula Tank Edition

Making the tarantulas happy! My tarantula Michelle Jacqueline is too big for her tank! We bought a new Kritter Keeper, filled it with soil, put her burrow in, and celebrated by feeding her fresh crickets! My new tarantula Cleo, wild caught in Arizona, was put in a tiny tank for about a week! We did the same stuff we did for MJ. Both tarantulas are happy and have plenty room to roam!